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09.04.06 --- Upgraded my paper about searching shellcode in memory (pl and eng)

26.03.06 --- Aded simple and confrontable backdoor in php/html

13.12.04 --- My page isn`t acctualize often now because in this year I have secondary school certificate (matura) :(

12.10.04 --- I added my exploit for glftpd

26.09.04 --- I added two exploits and shellcode wrote by my friend n30n

15.08.04 --- I added my text about searching shellcode in memory in polish

15.08.04 --- I added text about interesting usage of system() by pi3 in polish

17.03.04 --- I notice than br0tq has some strange errors so he doesn`t work correctly :\

25.02.04 --- I added my new program br0tq, look for him in part scaners

04.11.03 --- I gathered some interesting papers in english and i have request to ppl whit good knowledge of english to translate though one paper to polnish, mail it to me and i`ll put it to my page. papers.tar.gz

30.10.03 --- I addes my new program to remote breaking passwords

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